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So I love Lush. I have a habit of going in, and buying something. Literally every time. No matter whether I need it or not, there’s just something about the heady smell of somewhat overpriced bath products that makes my bank account lighter. Okay, so I’m not one of those people that can go in and spend hundreds every time, but I have definitely spent that much, over a longer period of time. I’m out of control.

But then, I downloaded Depop. Now, I still spend money every time I step into Lush. But I’ve also managed to bag myself a massive bargain! Four genuine, in date Lush products, for just £6! They will be the first products I’ll be talking about today, though I do have some other goodies I need to rave about to. And so, onwards to the review…

Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar (First Impressions)

This is a lovely looking massage bar, and it feels like silk. The colour (a slightly off white cream) sparkles in the light, and it practically exudes luxury. It fits nicely into the palm, and I can instantly tell that it’s going to be excellent for massaging away the aches and pains of a nursing degree (I’m saving it until deadline time, I think). The slight glittery sheen makes me think that this is probably going to add a lovely glow to your skin when used, and it is the cutest shae ever! I’ll probably get my boyfriend to use this on me, because I’m super lazy, and like to be pampered, but I think you’d definitely be able to use it alone as well!


Soft Coeur Massage Bar (First Impressions)

This. Smells. Divine! I think I’m in love. I’m definitely in love. I cannot wait to use this! It smells buttery and chocolatey, and feels amazing to touch. Silky like the Shimmy Shimmy Bar, but ever so slightly more oily, which will lend itself amazingly to a good long massage. As this is just a first impressions review, I can’t speak for myself, but looking online, it seems that this has edible chocolate in the middle? Yes. Please!


Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

A Lush staple, this go to favourite smells lovely on the skin, and I find myself reaching for it every day. I have Godmother, this, and Sandstone, but lately I’ve been using this far more (which is surprising, because I’m a massive Godmother fan – shame it’s been retired). A subtle, rustic looking soap, it doesn’t stand out as much as other Lush products, and it fits in well with the rest of my products (simple, foody smells that cleanse and nourish the skin). As a suffered of psoriasis, I find that some soaps can be quite irritating, but this soap does the exact opposite, almost moisturising my hands and body.


Angel’s Delight Soap

I love the sweeter smells of Lush, and Angel’s Delight does not disappoint! One in a long line of products that smells like Snow Fairy, this soap smells so sweet, it’s heavenly! A real treat to wake you in in the morning before work or school. The lovely colour and shape make this a bit of fun, especially if you need cheering up. My only slight quibble with it is that it takes quite a lot of effort to froth up in the shower, so it’s best to use a bath scrub to help it along.


Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo

I’ve used a lot of shampoos on my hair over the years, and I’ve never seemed to be able to find one that works well. As I said, I suffer from psoriasis, in particular on my scalp, and I’ve struggled to find a shampoo that is both kind to my hair, and scalp. I always seem to either have one that is amazing for my hair, but makes my scalp burn, or one that eradicates all trace of psoriasis, but leaves my hair feeling oily and limp. Until now, I’ve tended to just use Tresemme, as whilst it’s not great, it’s also not horrific, but now, that is all over.

I was a bit wary of this shampoo when I was showed it in store; the fact that it’s made from beer seems odd, at first, and you expect it to smell vile. But it doesn’t; it smells lightly of lemons, and a hint of something familiar, but not, at the same time. It’s a very loose shampoo, watery and thin, but it certainly packs a punch. It leaves my hair smelling amazing, feeling soft and silky, and looking voluminous and healthy. I’m one of those people (please don’t hurt me) that washes their hair every day. I know, I’m sorry! If I don’t, it gets greasy fast, and lies really oddly (I toss and turn a lot in my sleep). When it grows out a bit more, I’m planning on trying to reduce my hair washing amount, but whilst it’s still fairly short, I’ll still be washing it daily. Because of Cynthia Sylvia’s ingredients, it tends to not strip my hair of its natural oils, which is good for my hair washing routine. Most importantly, my scalp is nowhere near as bad! Okay, so it’s not perfect, and is only ever perfect when I use my T-Gel shampoo, but that stuff smells vile and I try to avoid using it as much as possible, but it’s a lot better than it has been with any other shampoo. I’m 100% impressed, and will definitely be going back to buy a bigger bottle when this runs out!

photo 1

Ultrabland Cleanser

I have problem skin. I always have. Even though I’ve got a more or less flawless complexion (luckily), and have never really suffered from acne or blemishes, I have problem skin nonetheless. It’s combination to the extreme; psoriasis on my lower face and T-zone, oily on my forehead. My face gets so dry in the winter, but constantly with the ultimate in oil slips for a forehead. So, safe to say, I’ve really struggled in the past to find a good cleanser. If I’m honest, I struggle so much that I never even really bothered.

However, Ultrabland has changed that for me. Made from a combination of honey, beeswax, rose water, and almond oil, this cleanser was designed for dodgy skin. No harmful ingredients, it’s designed to be the least irritating product in Lush, I swear. All of the ingredients have done wonders for my skin, and I couldn’t rave about this cleaner enough. At the time of writing, on Lush’s site, this has 266 reviews, with an average of five out of five stars. I think I’ll let those figures speak for themselves. It smells slightly sweet, with a heady musk, and has a slightly coarse texture, allowing for slight exfoliation. Using a warm water soaked flannel to remove the cleanser, it removes every bit of dirt it possibly can, leaving you with clean, delicious smelling skin all day long. I use this as the first product in my daily routine, followed by sea salt mist, smoothing serum, and my moisturiser, before applying my makeup.

If you have awkward skin that you don’t really know what to do this, end your misery and buy Ultrabland!!

photo 2


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