Liebster Award Nomination

So I’ve now been blogging for a little over a week, and I was delighted to see that the wonderful thrifterlust has nominated me for Liebster Award! A bit of fun between bloggers, this is a great way of networking between blogs, and making friends with people in the blogosphere. Provided I’ve understood the rules correctly, the idea is that each nominee has to answer their nominator’s questions, write ten of their own, and nominate ten blogs that they feel deserve recognition, whether it be for content, personality, or just being an all round good guy!

First up, here are the ten questions thrifterlust picked, and my answers;

  • You walk into a bar, what do you order?

Probably some kind of cocktail; I really like sweet, refreshing drinks, and my usual go to is a Piña Colada. I also really like my university bar’s “Cherry Bakewell”, which is a mix of Disaronno, cherry Sourz, and coke. If I’m not feeling a cocktail, I have to admit, I’ll just go for a tea or a diet coke; I’m not a big alcohol drinker.

  • Which celebrity do you wish you had his/her phone number?

Ooh, I’m not really a big celebrity fan! If I can count YouTube celebrities in this though, I’d love to have Zoe Sugg’s (Zoella) number, or Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire). I think Jim Chapman would also be an absolute sweetheart. Definitely would not want Joe Sugg’s number, there’d be too much pressure to come up with a good prank call to beat his!

  • Are you a dog or cat person?

Cat person, definitely, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love dogs too! Cats are just super lovely to have as pets, and they’re a bit more chilled out than dogs.

  • Do you believe in love at first sight?

Hmm, I’m not sure. I personally have never had love at first sight, but I won’t say it’s impossible… I feel that love grows out of nothing, tiny weeds growing into enormous bushes of extravagant flowers.

  • What couldn’t you possibly go a day without?

I want to say my phone, but that’s just so unbelievably sad… no, I think I couldn’t go a day without my hair straighteners! I have really flyaway hair, and it’s growing out at the moment, so it needs some major taming in the morning to get it to go right. Without them, I’d never leave the house!

  • What song is currently playing on repeat for you right now?

Rae Morris’ Don’t Go. It’s quite a sad song, and I feel like I interpret it a bit different to the intention, but it’s really beautiful, and I can’t help but sing it when it comes on!

  • What is your all time favourite quote and why?

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Bernard Baruch

I love this quote because it’s just so true. I refuse to ever change myself to suit somebody else because they don’t like the way I am. like the way I am, and to me, that’s all that’s important. My friends and family love me for who I am, and they’re all I need. I’ve changed myself to suit others too much in the past, and it’s something I’ll never do again.

  • What is your favourite body part?

Ooooh, okay! On me, personally, I love my clavicle and eyes, but on others, I love shoulders, and a good bum!

  • If you could throw any type of party, what would it be for and why?

I’d love to throw a bit of a fancy dress party dedicated to a film studio I really like, Studio Ghibli. They have so many amazing characters, and I just think it’d be lovely. I actually held a picnic party on a smaller scale for the same theme for a birthday once, but I’d really love to do it on a grand scale, with hundreds of guests, in a big, beautiful venue.

  • What is the ultimate goal for your blog?

Just to enjoy writing it! If I happen to get a lot of exposure through it, then great, but that’s not my intention. If I can help just one person feel good about the way they are, then I’ve achieved my goal. I want to help people feel great, and that they don’t need to change for anybody!

Okay, now for my own questions:

1. If you could be any animal, what would you be, and why? 

2. Name a film that makes you feel nostalgic

3. What is your favourite time of day, and why?

4. If you could travel to three countries without having to pay a thing, where would you go?

5. What is your favourite kind of flower, and why?

6. If you won the lottery, what is the very first thing you would do with it?

7. If you could live the life of any celebrity, who would it be?

8. Apple or PC?

9. What made you start blogging?

10. Make a wish!

And my nominations!

An Infinite Desire

Elizabeth A Hawksworth

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Amiable Charm

Ravishing Roses

Sign off


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