Eye-shadow Look: Copper Smoke

I picked up an eye-shadow palette in Accessorize a couple of weeks ago, which only cost me a mere £3.60 (I wrote about it briefly in my “what’s in your makeup bag?” post). It was meant to be more, but the sales advisor told me it was reduced to £6, so I thought, screw it, might be decent. Took it to the till, and got it for even less. Scarpered before they told me they were wrong (though looking online, I was actually charged correctly. So I got the ultimate sale bargain (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love one of those?)

I’ve been playing around with it a lot lately, which is unusual for me, since I’m usually a flicks eyeliner kinda girl, and I’ve really enjoyed creating lots of different looks. One of my favourites that I go back to a lot is this one; I really love smokey, striking looks for eyes, and this really makes the colours of my eyes pop.

photo 1

photo 2

The look was created using the colours circled below; I applied the nude on the top row to above my lids and the inside corners of my eyes – this is a gorgeous base colour, as it’s not too white, but it also highlights really well. I used the rose gold/copper shade (I have a slight obsession with rose gold…) in the third row across the whole of the lid itself, and then applied the first two shades on the bottom row to the crease (using the two shades adds a bit of depth, as opposed to just the one). I finally used the black shade to ever so slightly accentuate the far out crease, and finished using L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara, which I previously reviewed in my Pink Parcel review here. As a side note, I also filled my eyebrows with the soft brown to the left of the black (not circled).


photo 3

photo 4

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7 thoughts on “Eye-shadow Look: Copper Smoke

    1. Awwh, thanks a lot! Honestly, I haven’t really been playing with makeup for long, only about a year or so. It doesn’t take long to get good at it, you just have to experiment! Thanks for the comment, loving your blog! 🙂

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