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I’ll admit it. I’m a fashion addict. Okay, so it’s normally cheap fashion, but still, I spend too much on fashion. If I see something I like in a charity shop, even if I’m skint and living off food from my freezer that month, I’ll still buy it. If I’m feeling particularly happy about money, I’ll spend a fortune in Topshop and River Island.

So when a friend told me about Depop, I knew everything was about to go downhill. Majorly. Depop is an app for both Apple and Android phones, for people to list items for sale, and for people to buy from (I’m more of the latter, though I do have “for sale” items as well). I have to say, so far, it’s great! Think eBay, but without the bidding wars, and constant heart attacks when you only just miss out on that beautiful All Saints dress, in your size, for only £20. You know the heart pounding feeling, don’t even lie. There are no listing fees, unlike sites such as eBay or Etsy, and the site only takes a percentage (10%) of your profits if the item sells, which I think is great. It also means you don’t have to faff about remembering to relist items that run out of time, or have to get seriously angry when a top you bought for £30 only sells for 99p.

There’s also a massive range of clothes on there. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I’m buying on eBay, I always feel like I have to trawl through the garbage of three seasons ago to find anything half decent. I’ve noticed that with Depop, this isn’t really the case; there’s a massive amount of Topshop clothes constantly being uploaded, some still in shops, that are actively sought after. Due to the lack of bidding, it’s a bit pricier than eBay, but at the same time, it’s also a lot cheaper than stores, mostly. Of course, you’ll always have people overpricing their items, but that’s the same anywhere. I’ve found that people are a lot more honest with their postage prices than on sites like eBay.

I’ve so far bought two items from Depop this week; a beautiful Apricot brand dress that I got virtually for free – 1p, with £3 P&P – due to some small issues with the design (some sequins have fallen off). The damage was so insignificant that the dress looks virtually new, and the seller, little-lawro, was absolutely lovely, and communication was excellent. The P&P was actually labeled as £3 on the package too. The second thing I ordered was another absolute steal; four products from Lush that I will later be reviewing, for just £6, including postage and packaging! It must have been worth more than £20 altogether, especially as one isn’t sold anymore. Another great seller this time; claire194 again had really good communication, and the items were sent super quickly!

P1 (2) P1 (1)

I’ve put three items up for sale (check my shop out here if you’re interested), and all were easy to create; simple snap of the item, then quickly add details, click finished, and you’re done, and your item is up! You can go back at any point to edit price or details, which I like a lot, and the interface is really easy to use. Overall, I’m really pleased with Depop, my only main issue is that it’s too addictive, and my bank account is crying!!

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