In the Beginning

So, here we are; the great world of blogging, that has become so popular in the 21st Century. Anyone who’s anyone has a blog these days, and the diverse, interesting, and sometimes weird world that we are part of has allowed for so many topics to be covered, it can seem rather vast, at times. So let’s get down to it; I’m Anna. That’s without a H. I’m a student; yes, I’m one of those people, leeching off of the government, and trying to ignore my adult responsibilities. Have been now for four years. Starting yet another degree in September, so that’s another three years until I have to accept that I have, yes, finally become an adult, and should probably start earning money. But until then, I’ll stay in my comfortable niche, with my eight hours a week job as a style consultant, getting by through student loans and smart shopping.

In the last year or so, my previously fashion reclusive side has blossomed, evolving into a Topshop obsessed, gold eyeliner covered, rose gold hoarder who probably should stop using her bank card. Ever. However, with my new found love for all things fashion, I have also immersed myself in the rather uncomfortable world of beauty as a concept. As somebody who has previously suffered from a range of mental illnesses, most grown from a deep seated confusion with myself, and how that self should be presented in world full of body ideals and shame, I am exploring how fashion and beauty can be dealt with in a more feminist way, a more accepting way, in which the body and mind can be celebrated for what they are; unique, and incredible.

I will be providing what I hope is going to be a critical, but mostly positive view on the world of fashion and beauty blogging, with the usual reviews and hauls, but also comments focused on ascertaining why beauty is so important to you, and how to unlock the secret to feeling confident, and loving yourself. I want to hear your views on how you deal with society’s beauty standards, and what ways you help yourself remain positive in a world so intent on making us feel at our worst. At the end of the day, beauty, really, should be all about accepting yourself and feeling good about yourself, and that is what I will try and help you do!

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