Serengeti Fire

I’ve written poetry from a young age. It’s not always been fantastic, to say the least. I started when I was approximately thirteen, entering my ever embarassing emo phase, so a lot of it was, typically, about wolves, and sadness, and the never ending call of the void. Yeah, I won’t be sharing any of … More Serengeti Fire

Day in the Life

I’ve now been a university student for six years. Six whole years. I’ve been a studentĀ nurse, however, for just a year and a half. It feels like I’ve been so for so much longer though. Not only do I go to university though; I also work as a healthcare assistant on the bank, a phrase … More Day in the Life


Tonight, a feeling has struck. It’s one that, according to statistics, 1 in 4 people experience. It’s a feeling that we don’t often talk about, and it’s something that we tend to hide away, obscured from the view of all but a select few, chosen in our most difficult moments. It’s a feeling of depression. … More Revelations

London Calling

Earlier this week, my partner Reece and I journeyed to London for a night away. We’d been planning it since October, when I purchased tickets to see the always fantastic Lindsey Stirling, an electro-violinist, for Reece’s anniversary gift. Obviously, I was also to benefit, since there was no chance he was going to be taking … More London Calling

Family Matters

Yesterday was my parents’ fourth wedding anniversary. That may not seem like a lot to most people, but they’ve actually been together for twenty three years in total. They’ve both been married previously, and they’d both said they’d never do it again, but then something changed all of that. In 2012, my mum’s partner, Mark, … More Family Matters

Lush Haul

So I love Lush. I have a habit of going in, and buying something. Literally every time. No matter whether I need it or not, there’s just something about the heady smell of somewhat overpriced bath products that makes my bank account lighter … More Lush Haul